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Excellent powder coating adhesion requires proper metal surface preparation.
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Powder coating is the process of applying a very durable and protective cosmetic finish to metal parts. The powder coat procoess does not have the emissions or harmful V.O.C.s (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are inherent in the wet paint process. It is an environmentally friendly process, resulting in better air for us to breathe. The last few years have seen a remarkable increase in the popularity of this process which has now become the preferred method for finishing metal parts. Many different metal items can have a durable powder coated finish applied such as wheels or rims, bicycle frames, motorcycles, trailers, patio furniture, and industrial cabinets. Call us today and talk with the Los Angeles powder coating experts to find out how this metal finishing process can benefit you.


Powder Coating Plus is located in Valencia, CA just 15 miles from Los Angeles. Call us today and find out how powder coating can benefit you.

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powdercoating patio furniture Client Testimonials

Judy Diaz

Ventura, CA

When moving to a new home, the color scheme changed, and suddenly all of our wrought iron patio furniture looked out of place. We were referred to Powder Coating Plus as a solution to purchasing new furniture. They had a broad color selection so it was easy to find an option that suited our new home and garden perfectly. A few years later we added to the collection, taking the new pieces to Powder Coating Plus to match our original choice. Read More

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Powder Coating

The Powder Coating process applies an extremely durable and protective cosmetic finish to metal objects such as parts, wheels, frames or patio furniture. It is eco-friendly and has seen a huge increase in use of this technique and has definitely become the preferred method for finishing metal parts. Powder Coating Plus is a leading powder coating company in the Los Angeles area with state-of-the-art equipment.
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Sand Blasting and Media Blasting

A key factor in good powder coating adhesion to your part or other metalwork is the metal must be clean, rust and paint free and also no residue traces. If not properly prepared, the bond will eventually fail. One of the methods used by Powder Coating Plus to properly prepare a surface is to sandblast parts that have rust or other contaminants that would impair the bond of the powder coating to the surface. With our oversize booth of 10′ by 25′ by 10′ high, Powder Coating Plus can hold sandblasting or media blasting objects up to almost 25 feet long or up to almost 10 feet wide.
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Commercial Powder Coating

Our industrial powder coating production line capability includes a four-stage parts washer, four powder spray stations and a curing oven. Parts travel through the process on an automated variable-speed 700 foot conveyer. We also have batch ovens available for special cases. Because a powder coat finish is so durable, the automotive industry recognizes the benefits of this process as formulations are available that will resist chemicals and Ultra Violet (UV) rays.
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Silk Screening on Metal

Silk screening on metal can add usability and value to your product. A properly designed and printed silk screened legend on a metal part adds that professional touch to your product as well as credibility to its design. Functionality can be given to your product with legend, instructions, settings, or other information being silk screened directly onto your metal part.
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See our powder coating gallery with examples of powder coating patio furniture, wheels, automotive springs, carriage seats, trailers, parts and more.

About Powder Coating Plus

Our Powder Coating Plus company is based in a 45,000 sq. Ft facility in the Santa Clarita Valley near Los Angeles. Our 700 foot high tech conveyer production line consists of a four-stage parts washer, six powder spray stations, a dry-off, and curing oven. Four of our six spray stations have the ability to reclaim powder which can save some costs on the amount of powder required to process your parts and our solution is monitored by computer systems and chemicals are dispensed with precision.
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More Information

What Does Powder Coating Do?

If you are looking for a long-lasting finish for your metal parts or tools, then powder coating is the perfect solution. In Los Angeles, go to Powder Coating Plus in Santa Clarita.

If you are interested in powder coating, read on to learn more about what powder coating is and what it can do.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a surface finishing technique that uses a fine powder to create a durable finish on objects. This powder is then melted and applied to the surface of the object, creating a finish that is resistant to corrosion and wear.

commercial powder coating on metal

Powder coating offers excellent coverage, complete UV protection, and comes in a wide range of colors and finishes. It is used in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as on household items such as furniture, bicycles, patio grills, cars and much more.

Compared to traditional paint jobs, powder coating can offer a smoother finish that is more durable. Additionally, it can be easier to maintain thanks to its lack of oil or solvent requirements.

In fact, powder coating can even be environmentally friendly – making it an ideal solution for products that need long-term protection but don’t require high-end finishes such as wood or metal furniture.

Overall, powder coating is an excellent choice for products that require high levels of durability and protection against corrosion and wear.

What Are Application Processes For Powder Coating?

There are several types of application processes for powder coating. One of these is electrostatic spray deposition (ESD). Another is fluidized bed powder coating (FBPC). These methods can be used for different types of coating materials.

ESD is a method of applying a coating by directing a positive electric charge through a gun. This creates a cloud of powder that is discharged towards a work piece. It is important that the work piece is grounded before applying the powder.

>Abrasive blasting is another technique of preparing the surface. This process removes defects and debris from the surface.

The powder coating process involves three steps: surface preparation, application and curing. Powder coat is available in a variety of finishes and colors. In addition to protecting metal surfaces from wear, corrosion and chipping, it can also be used for decorative and functional purposes.

powder coating on metal process

The final finish of a powder coat product ranges from matte to glossy. Depending on the type of application, cure temperatures may be controlled to accommodate heat sensitive substrates.

What Is Pretreatment Process For Powder Coating?

Pretreatment is an important step in the powder coating process. It prepares the metal surface for the coating to adhere properly. The process helps to improve the durability and performance of the coating.

Depending on the type of product and its substrate, there are many different pretreatment processes. Each process should be tailored to the needs of the specific product.

One of the most important steps in the pretreatment process is cleaning. This involves using alkaline-based chemicals to remove any contaminants.

The resulting powder coat is durable and offers exceptional protection against corrosion. In addition to preventing rusting, the coating prevents flash rust, a common cause of failure in powder coatings.

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A good pretreatment ensures the best results from the coating. By increasing the longevity and performance of the coating, it also increases the lifespan of the metal.

Various metal surfaces are frequently coated with oil. These pre-treatments are often followed by conversion coatings, which add additional protective layers.

Another method of pretreating a surface is sandblasting. This method uses compressed air to propel abrasive material against the object.

How Is Powder Coating Used To Protect Metal Surfaces?

Protecting your metal surfaces is essential to keeping them looking and performing at their best. Powder coating is a versatile finishing option that offers many benefits over traditional painting methods.

Powder coating is an ideal finishing option for many metal surfaces. This is because it allows for a thicker coat than is possible with traditional painting methods, which means that more protection is offered against chips, dents, oxidation, and UV damage. Additionally, the process of powder coating is quick and efficient – you can finish a project in just a few hours using this method!

Powder coatings are also highly resistant to weathering – they will last longer than most other finish options without fading or losing their shine. This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor applications such as signage or fencing.

If you’re interested in learning more about powder coating technology or want to get started with the process yourself, you can always check out Powder Coating Plus on their website.

What Are The Benefits Of A Long-Lasting Powder Coated Finish?

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When you choose a powder coated finish, you’re choosing something that will last longer than other finishes. High-quality powder coatings are made with quality ingredients and are applied in a thickness that provides maximum protection. This means that your powder coated finish will be more resistant to wear and tear – meaning it will last longer than traditional paints or coatings.

In addition, the powder coating is easy to clean – just use a mild soap or detergent and water to clean off any dirt or dust buildup. Plus, regular cleaning will prevent buildup of dirt, dust mites, mold spores or other contaminants which can cause corrosion and deterioration over time.

Along with lasting longer than other finishes, powder coating also has many advantages over traditional painting or coating materials:

  • Resilience to Extreme Weather Conditions: Traditional paint may peel or crack when subjected to extreme weather conditions such as high winds or rain; however powders provide superior protection against the elements due to their smaller particle size (resulting in less surface area).
  • Increased Thermal Resistance: The smooth surface of powder coated finishes resists condensation build-up on cold surfaces inside buildings causing HVAC systems to not have to work harder reducing energy costs year round!
  • Durability: Unlike traditional paints which fade due to sun exposure and chemical reactions between the paint molecules & substrate (wood), a well designed & executed powder coating finish will not only resist fading but also remain lustrous for decades even under harsh environmental conditions!

The overall goal of using any finishing process is twofold: first we want our finished product to look good & last while second we want it to perform its intended function well into the future – both aesthetic & functional! With this knowledge at hand you can confidently make decisions about selecting the best finishing option for your project!

What Are Some Tips To Ensure Your Powder Coating Finish Has Long-Lasting Results?

To powder coat an object, you will need the following items: the object to be coated (or substrate), primer, paint or topcoat, and spray gun. The primer will help to adhere the paint or topcoat to the substrate. There are several different pre treatment processes that can be used before powder coating: electrostatic spraying (ESP), thermal spraying (TS), liquid nitrogen spraying (LN), wet chemical impregnation (WCI), or plasma spraying (PS).

After pre treatment, it’s important to use an anti corrosion primer after pre treatment in order for the finish to have long lasting results. This will help protect the finish from future damage caused by corrosion.

Finally, post-treatment care is necessary in order for your powder coated finish to remain durable and look great. This includes regular cleanings with a suitable solvent such as acetone or lacquer thinner, occasional application of a protective sealant such as varnish or polyurethane resin/latex sealant, and periodic inspection for any signs of wear or tear.

What Are Some Of The Common Types Of Powder Coating Materials?

Powder coating is a popular finish for many products, and it can provide a durable and attractive finish. However, powder coatings can wear down over time if the conditions are not right. There are many different types of powder coating. Some of these are polyester poder coatings, fluoropolymer and epoxy coatings, and silicone aluminide.

powder coating on wheels and rims

Below, we will provide more details about some of the different types of powder coatings.

Polyester powder coatings are the most commonly used coating because they offer good adhesion to many substrates and have good UV protection. These coatings typically last around six months under normal use, but may last up to two years in harsh environments such as marine use or high humidity areas.

Fluoropolymer and epoxy coatings are also common choices for powder coatings because of their excellent weathering properties and long lifespan. They offer superior chemical resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance compared to other types of coatings. However, these two types of coatings are more expensive than other options and require specific application methods that some users may not be comfortable using.

Silicone aluminide coatings offer high heat resistance, superior chemical resistance, and a low coefficient of friction compared to other types of coatings. They are also corrosion resistant which makes them ideal for applications such as aircraft parts or medical equipment that require a high level of protection from the environment.

Zinc powder is an economical option that offers good adhesion properties but is less resistant to chemicals than some other types of powders. It is also less heat resistant than fluoropolymer or epoxy powders so it may not be the best choice if you need your coating to withstand high temperatures or extended periods outside in the weather.

Why Is Electrostatic Charge Used In Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a popular finishing option for many materials because it provides protection from corrosion and enhances the wear resistance of the material. In addition, powder coating is a great choice for applications where visual appeal is important, such as automotive applications or architectural finishes. However, like any other finish, powder coating will eventually wear down due to exposure to the environment.

The electrostatic charge used in powder coating aids with the adherence of the coating to the surface it is applied. However, like any other finish, proper maintenance and care will ensure that your powder coatings last even longer.

One way that you can generate an electrostatic charge is by using a handheld spray gun or an automated spray system. By doing so, you can apply your finish quickly and accurately in a variety of locations.

Another way to generate an electrostatic charge is by using capacitors and air sacks (also known as ESD mats). These devices help to reduce static electricity build-up on metal surfaces and promote better adhesion between coatings and substrates.

Either way you choose to generate an electrostatic charge, proper care will help your finishes last even longer!

What Is A Fluidized Bed?

A fluidized bed is a method used for coating metal and plastic parts. The part is dipped in a spherical powder and pushed around the bed, which is covered by a porous membrane.

>Fluidized bed coaters have been used for more than 50 years. They offer the most efficient method for applying thick film coatings. This makes them a popular choice for industries whose products need a thicker coat. However, there are some drawbacks to using them.

There are two main ways that a fluidized bed can be used. First, it can melt the powder. It does this by heating it above its melting point. Secondly, it can fusing loose particles of powder.

One of the first uses for a fluidizing bed was to apply a thin film of electrostatically charged powder to a part. Electrostatic powder coaters can be more effective than other methods, though they are more expensive.

Another use for a fluidized bed was to coat large, irregularly shaped items. A typical fluidized bed can coat an entire rack of parts in a single dip.

What Is Environmental Impact Of Using Powder Coat?

Powder coating has many benefits. It’s less expensive and offers a more durable finish. Besides, it’s an eco-friendly method of painting. Many industries are turning to sustainable practices to ensure that they are doing their part to help the environment. The building industry is no different.

Some of the many benefits of powder coating include the fact that it uses minimal energy. In addition, the application process is re-usable. This reduces the amount of waste that is produced. Furthermore, it also minimizes the production of air pollution.

Unlike liquid paint, powder coat does not require hazardous solvents. This saves money on pollution control equipment and waste disposal.

Try Out Powder Coating Plus in Los Angeles County Today

Powder coating is an incredibly versatile and durable finishing technique that can be used on a wide range of substrates. It offers superior protection from the elements, and depending on the type of powder you choose, it can last for years with minimal maintenance.

With the right preparation and application process, you can create a long-lasting finish that looks beautiful and provides maximum protection for your project. Be sure to choose the right type of powder coating material and a high-quality grade for your needs to ensure optimal results. Give our Los Angeles power coating company a call today!

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