Industrial Powder Coating Capabilities for Los Angeles County

Powder Coating Plus offers complete Commercial Powder Coating services in our Los Angeles area state-of-the-art facility.


Our production line consists of a four-stage parts washer, four powder spray stations and a curing oven. Parts travel through the process on an automated variable-speed 700 foot conveyer. We also have batch ovens for prototypes, unique-sized parts, or parts that will not run efficiently on a conveyorized line.


Throughout the powder coating process, state-of-the-art electronic controls maintain wash temperatures, water flow, moisture venting, conveyor speed, and stable oven temperatures to ensure a consistent and durable cure.


Because a powder coat finish is so durable, the automotive industry recognizes the advantages of this process. Formulations are available that will resist chemicals and Ultra Violet (UV) rays. Imagine your motorcycle frame, ATV frame, suspension components, custom wheels, or other assemblies in eye catching colors that give your project that “extra” touch of class.


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Los Angeles Industrial Powder Coating example

Valencia CA Commercial Powder Coating Facility



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