One of the key factors of having good powder coat adhesion to your part or assembly is to have the powder applied onto a surface that has been properly prepared. Surfaces that are not clean, have a residue, or contain traces of previous paint, powder coating, or flash rust will not create a strong durable bond to the powder coated finish and over time the resulting weak bond will fail. One of the methods used by Powder Coating Plus to properly prepare a surface is to “sandblast” parts that have rust or other contaminants that would impair the bond of the powder coating to the surface. Powder Coating Plus can accommodate “sandblasting” parts up to almost 25 feet long or up to almost 10 feet wide. This oversized booth enables us to clean even the largest of parts or product with old finish and/or flash rust. Having a clean properly prepared surface prior to the powder being applied is critical to the appearance and durability of your part or product being powder coated.


Our 10/ft x 10/ft x 25/ft media blasting booth allows for large items to be properly prepared for powder coating. The trailer below used approximately half of the available length of our media blasting booth.



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