Silk Screening on Powder Coated Metal

silk screening on metal

Silk screening on metal adds or increases usability to your product. A properly designed and printed silk screened legend on a metal part adds that professional touch to your product as well as credibility to its design.


Functionality can be given to your product with legend, instructions, settings, or other information being silk screened directly onto your metal part. If your product currently either has no information or uses a label you may consider upgrading to the durability and cosmetic appeal of information silk screened directly onto your merchandise. Fewer parts to inventory, handle, and process result in a more attractive bottom line as well as an enhancement to your product.


Experience the advantage of having your parts chemically cleaned, sandblasted if necessary, powder coated, and then silk-screened in multiple colors with your company logo and other information with only one phone call. Let us be your one-stop-shopping source for all your part-finishing needs.







screen printing on metal parts


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