A major factor in obtaining good powder adhesion is to make sure that the surface is properly prepared. In some cases this will include being media blasted (commonly referred to as sandblasting). This process will remove all layers of color and rust. It will assist your product in having a good permanent bond between the substrate material and the applied powder coat. This step helps ensure a long lasting and durable finish that you will be proud of for years to come.


We start by cleaning your parts. We offer both chemical and sandblast cleaning to meet your needs. We use only conditioned reverse-osmosis water to ensure your parts have an ideal surface to which the finish will firmly bond.


Our solutions are electronically monitored. The phosphatizer and cleaning chemicals are individually dispensed by computer control. In addition, we also monitor the chemical balance, PH, and cleanliness of our tanks. This not only ensures that our monitoring and dispensing systems are functioning correctly, but also provides a separate analysis of our system as well as a history of our process. These double checks provide you, the customer, with the knowledge that our system is operating within good business practices and your product will be processed under the most optimal conditions possible.


We also have a Burn-off oven. We can safely remove old and discolored finishes from your parts without using abrasives.







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